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Project Financing

Domestic Projects:

Through the recent United States Government stimulus package, loans and grants are being made available in many regions of the country that will assist the buyer in purchase financing of the system. Our company will work with the buyer in obtaining assistance.

International Projects:

The United States has many funding sources (many sponsored by departments of the United States Government) which can assist you in the purchase of one of your systems. Programs vary and are dependent on many issues such as location of end user, type of end user (private or government), type of sale (e.g., medical waste, municipal waste), and size of sale. We work closely with United States based financing sources to achieve the most attractive financing terms possible for our customers.

WCS works closely with the United States Export Import Bank and can usually obtain a Letter-of-Interest  once we submit preliminary project information. Letters of Interest  indicate EXIM's  willingness to underwrite your international project if  our  client meets the EXIM Bank underwriting requirements.

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You are here: Home » Financing