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Waste Conversion Systems. (WCS)
Incinerator in Manitoba

Waste-to-power systems are increasingly popular as an alternative source of energy. As global uncertainty over short crude oil supply and high energy costs continues to increase. In the face of this volatility.

Waste-to-power systems use biomass, municipal, industrial, commercial, and medical waste to generate steam, hot water, potable water and electricity. The facilities are environmentally sound and economical.

Waste Conversion Systems has three cutting-edge systems for the disposal of various waste:  The Fluidized Bed System for Municipal, Industrial and Agricultural Waste.  This system will generate steam and electricity.  The Batch Thermal Oxidation Chamber is for Medical Waste. And the Multiple Hearth Furnace is for Sewer Sludge (Bio-Solids). All Systems meet International Environmental Standards.

The Principals of WCS have over 20 years of experience in energy efficient technologies, with more than 100 successful projects completed worldwide. Projects are customized to reflect the unique needs of every individual waste disposal site.

WCS begins its projects with a waste survey, determining heating value, moisture, and ash content of each potential client’s site. Samples are gathered and sent to a laboratory for complete analysis. Energy recovery goals and emissions standards are reviewed, and revenue projections are generated. WCS conducts a feasibility study to ensure the sustainability and viability of each project in the context of the client’s specific needs.

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